Your Guide To Reduce Risk Of Getting Cancer

Cancer is one of the most devastating disease that shatters lives. It was an uncommon disease back in early 90s and has gained popularity with time. First adults and now kids, the disease is targeting every age. There might be something wrong people are doing which is causing this disease.

Once you are diagnosed with cancer, your life becomes hell with immense pain disturbing your body and finance. Cancer treatment is very expensive, and most people have lost their lives just because they couldn’t afford the treatment. However, there are NGOs and hospitals working towards giving free treatments to the patients, but your body is still being affected of the disease.

There is an old saying that precaution is better than cure, there are things you are doing wrong in your daily life which should be prevented. Everyone wants to stay away from cancer, but don’t know how. Here is your guide to reduce risk of getting cancer.

Stop Smoking or Using Tobacco Products

Smoking is one of the reasons of getting cancer. Smokers know that smoking or chewing tobacco products causes cancer. Cigarette packets have a clear warning that this thing causes cancer but still people take risk with their life and keep on smoking. Smoking not only causes mouth cancer, but also effects other organs of your body including throat, larynx, cervix, bladder, pancreas and kidney. Cutting out all tobacco exposure is important if you are looking to minimise your risk of cancer as it is a very dangerous product and you should refrain from consuming it to prevent major loss in future.

Limit Consuming Alcohol

If you really want to avoid the risk of getting cancer, you should limit consuming alcohol. According to studies, it has been proved that people who consume alcohol get exposed to cancer. The drink targets organs that include breast, liver, head, neck and colorectal. To save yourself, you should limit your drinking habit and try to quit drinking alcohol with time. In case if you are a smoke and drink, risk for having cancer increases as both the things are very dangerous and are affecting all the organs of your body. You can expect double damage and multiple cancers. Try to quit both the habits if you want to live longer. Furthermore, the treatment for curing cancer is very expensive and if you are financially weak, it will be very difficult for you to survive. Stop consuming, save money, life and expenses.

Keeping a Healthy Weight

People with overweight are more like open to diseases. The most common disease that fat people suffer with is cholesterol. Too much fat in their body accumulates in veins, blocking the passage for blood to flow. Similarly, cancer is also one of the disease that can affect if you are overweight. Doctors suggest that people should stay healthy with well-maintained weight to avoid the risk of getting cancer. Risk of cancers that are reduced while keeping healthy weight is breast, prostate, colon, lung, and kidney cancer.

Staying Active is a Cancer Fighting Habit

Laziness increases the risk of having cancer. It is suggested if you want to reduce the risk, then you should stay active. you are not being asked to join a gym to stay active. indulging in physical activities like running, cycling and walking will reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. Any amount of physical activity is good, but adults should strive for 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous activity.

Regular Cancer Screening Tests will Help Reducing the Risk

Visiting or consulting a doctor on regular basis will help you reducing the risk of getting cancer. There are free medical check-up camps placed on various time intervals, you should use that opportunity to get to know about your body. The cancer society of America encourages people for regular screening tests to detect cancers before they have a had a chance to spread. Some tests like cervical and colon tests can prevent cancer from developing in the first place. you should always attend screening tests to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

This guide will help you save yourself from one of the most dangerous disease cancer. Save your money, health and family by guiding them and making them aware of the causes of this disease.     

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