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What To Eat And Skip During The Days Of Maternity

Maternity is one of the beautiful times women can ever experience. Carrying baby 9 months in the womb is very difficult while mood swings can make the case worse. There is a lot happening to you when you are going through this phase. There are lots of things you have to avoid or do whether you don’t like doing it or not. Most importantly, you have to watch out for the food you are eating. Eating healthy and nutritious food while expecting is good for both mother and baby while crave for junk food is intolerable. For those of you who are confused about what to eat during pregnancy, we have summed up foods that you should eat and avoid when pregnant.  

Foods you should Eat when Pregnant

Egg provides Protein and Vitamins

While you are expecting, eating food that are rich in nutrients is essential for baby and mother. The first food on the list of good food is egg. Eggs are rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that are required by the body for various needs. These nutrients are needed to keep your body healthy and some are even responsible for developing healthy organs. Egg is a great source of choline, which is essential for brain growth and development. Eating eggs will help you get nutrients good for you and baby.

Lean Meat is a Good Source of Proteins and Vitamin B

Lean meat such as poultry, pork and some cuts of beef are good source of protein and vitamin B needed by the body for growth. Lean meat is considered healthy diet as there are relatively less fat content and more amounts of nutrients like iron, choline and vitamin. All these nutrients are beneficial for baby and mother so during pregnancy women should eat lean meat to gain the necessary nutrients and minerals essential for body development.

Dried Fruits provide Potassium and Fiber

Dried fruits are a great source of nutrients and are an easy to grab and go way to eat healthy. It’s the food that you can eat raw. You don’t have to cook them to eat and that is why it is the best source to have nutrients. Dried fruits contain fiber and potassium that are essential nutrients and help in growth and development. There is a vast variety of dried fruits available so you can taste variety and don’t get bored of eating same food repeatedly. However, some are also naturally high in sugar, so avoid having the ones with high sugar if possible.

Foods you should Avoid Eating when Pregnant

Raw Meat causes Infections

Eating raw meat during pregnancy is very irresponsible act. The reason why any food is cooked before eating is that heat denatures the bacteria on that food. Eating raw meat that is home to so many bacteria can lead to great consequences like miscarriage. To avoid risk of infection from bacteria, you should skip eating any type of uncooked meat. Moreover, meat has high amount of unhealthy fats that are not required by the body. Even cooked meat should be consumed in limited quantity so that you can benefit some of the nutrients present in it.

High Mercury Fish Impacts Brain Development

Marlin, orange roughy, shark, king mackerel, sword fish and few more are high mercury fishes that are bad to eat when pregnant. Mercury impacts baby’s brain development that’s the reason why pregnant women should not eat high mercury fishes. Canned tuna has less mercury content so it’s okay to have it, but in moderation as a precaution.

Deli Meat are Unhealthy

Most people like to eat deli meat that is precooked like sausages. It is a daily diet for people now, but very harmful for pregnant women. Consuming deli meat regularly means that you are in an open threat of listeria. It is an illness caused when you eat food contaminated by bacteria. Precooked food is not healthy as bacteria are not denatured successfully and consuming it will definitely increase the risk of diseases. Skipping deli meat is the best protection, but if the cravings don’t stop, heat the meat until it steams and eat it right away.

These are some foods to eaten and avoided during maternity days. You should always seek healthy diet and skip unhealthy food to enjoy healthy living.

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