Tracking Your Fitness Is A Lot Easier Thanks To These 5 Amazing Fitness Trackers

Keeping a track of your fitness is a great thing indeed. When you are focusing on your fitness, there is always a curiosity of knowing how much weight you have lost and how much time you have spent on workout. Thankfully, we are living in a tech advanced world where amazing gadgets are invented to help you ease your daily life tasks. There are fitness trackers that are easy to use and help you stay motivated during your workout. There is a variety of fitness tracking gadgets, but we have searched some of the most popular fitness trackers for fitness freaks.  

Samsung Gear Sports Watch

Starting off with the best, Samsung is one of the giants in the gadget industry. From phones to laptops, smart watches and accessories, Samsung has always astonished the world with its technology. The latest fitness tracker by Samsung continues its legacy. Samsung Gear Sport Smart watch is what every fitness freak should have this year. It has some amazing features that outnumber it from the competitors.

It has some top notch features like NFC and Bluetooth plus is very well known for its compatibility, accuracy and resistance that make it durable. Whether you swim regularly to stay fit or focus on traditional workouts like running, the smart watch will help you keep your all day fitness tracking. It’s water resistant, runs on up to date ios and has a faster processor, so you can expect superb performance from this amazing smart watch. The watch costs around $339 and can be purchased through online stores with discounts.

Motiv Smart Ring

As we have told you earlier that it’s a tech advanced world and the next gadget is a great example of that. The Motiv Smart Ring is one of the greatest inventions of all time. This amazing gadget monitors your fitness, sleep, heart rate, calories burned and many more 24/7 and all this is monitored at the same time.

When it comes to durability, you won’t be surprised to know that it is waterproof and durable plus is made of ultra light titanium. Whether you are an apple user or prefer android, the Motiv Ring works with Apple health and Google fit and is compatible with latest updates of both. It is available at a price of $200 and easily accessible online. With the Motiv Smart Ring you can track your fitness in one go.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

Are you looking for an affordable fitness tracker? A tracker that has all the facilities yet costs enough to fit with your budget? In that case Letscom Fitness Tracker is what you should be seeking. The gadget costs around $30 online and is available at various stores. Buying it is a profitable bargain as it has all the features that you get in expensive trackers like monitoring the heart rate, calorie counter, step counter and activity tracker. You can receive calls, messages and notifications of Facebook, Instagram and twitter while working out without disturbance. The fitness band has a built in USB plug and does not require charging cables or dock to charge. Battery life is pretty amazing, gives you up to 7 days runtime on single charge.

Agptek Smart Watch

Agptek Smart Watch is included amongst the best fitness trackers. Just like other trackers it offers the same functions that include heart rate monitoring, steps tracker, distance covered, calories burned and etc. It is compatible with both Apple and Android and will work with the latest updates. If it’s the long run time you want or high sensitivity of touch screen, it is the best option for you to select. Talking about the price, the product is affordable and costs around $31. Enjoy discounts on the product while purchasing online.

Fitbit Activity and Heart Rate Tracker

With the fitbit fitness tracker you can compare your activities with your family and friends by accessing the fitbit leader board. It is a complete tracker that tracks and motivates your fitness ambition throughout the day. Features like calculating steps taken, distance traveled, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and etc are present in the wrist band. Has a powerful battery that keeps it going for almost 7 days. It’s compatible with Android, Apple and Windows plus is water resistant. The product’s quoted price at online store is around $120.

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