These Tech Products Aren’t Just Cool, But Useful Too

We are advancing towards digital world and soon everything around you will be digital. Even now there are so many gadgets available that have improved lifestyles. Some gadgets are so amazing that people wonder about them existing on the other hand, some gadgets seem useless. If you are one of the tech freaks and searching for a cool and useful gadget, search no more! Here are some tech. products that aren’t just cool, but useful too. Whether you wish to buy it for yourself or want to gift a friend, these tech. products are the best options available on the internet. Stop waiting and grab these products ASAP before the stock ends.

Chipolo Wallet Card Tracker

Chipolo wallet is not just an ordinary product that helps you keep your cards safely. It is one of the coolest and useful tech products available. If you are one of those who lose their wallets too often, you will love to have this insane product by your side. Costing around $35, you can keep tabs on your wallet with the built in Bluetooth tracker installed in the chipolo wallet. You can sync the tracker to your phone and track it easily when lost.

Moreover, the wallet also features sound on command that helps in searching.  With the range of 200 feet, you can easily track your lost wallet. The tech product is water resistant and has a powerful battery with a life up to 1 year. Shop the product online and keep a track of your wallet and important holdings without any inconvenience. You can even gift this cool product to a friend who has similar problems.

Dyson V11 Animal Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum

Are you still using a traditional vacuum cleaner? Ditch your old vacuum cleaner and get your hands filled with Dyson V11 Animal Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum. This cool product is very useful and will ease your cleaning task while reducing your effort. It is a powerful, quiet and convenient cordless vacuum that lets you deep clean everywhere, from carpets to upholstery and hard to reach places. Thanks to the automatic system installed in it, the vacuum cleaner can sense and adapt its suction according to the surfaces.

You don’t have to switch the suction manually. This cool tech features three modes that can be chosen according to your needs. One is the auto mode that senses and adapts automatically. Next is boost mode that offers intensive cleaning and last is eco mode that maximizes run time.  This cool product runs on a chargeable battery; slip it in the wall mounted charging dock when you are done with your work. It is a must have for everyone and will be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Motiv Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Next up is the fitness and sleep tracker by Motiv. It is one of the coolest tech product available online and a must have for fitness freaks. It is a sleek, small and lightweight ring that tracks your health including heart rate, 24/7 activity and monitors sleep. Many people don’t like to keep wearing wrist watches, especially while sleeping, but all those who want to monitor their sleep can wear this amazing ring without any hassle. It is a high tech ring made with custom built micro-technology and weighs less than a penny.

Your finger won’t feel the weight while you are wearing it and that’s why it is better to have it rather than a wrist watch tracker. Moreover, the product is waterproof up to 165 feet and features rechargeable battery that lasts up to three days on a single charge. It won’t be a hassle to grab this cool and useful tech product as it is easily available online. It is compatible with all the latest smart phones and costs around $200.

Kreafunk bGEM Wireless Earbuds

Are you one of the music enthusiasts? In that case you will love our next find. Kreafunk bGEM Wireless Earbuds are one of the best earbuds you can have today. They have a very light weight and the design is inspired by jewelry. The product features Bluetooth connectivity, in-ear noise cancellation, detachable neck cord and three sets of silicon ear adaptors that ensure a custom fit and make them perfect when on the go. The earbuds cost around $145 and will enhance your music experience with loud and clear sound.

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