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With These Simple Renovations You Can Change The Looks Of Your House

Renovation is actually a healthy activity to do as it changes the environment inside your house. Moving things to different spots will freshen up your space and spending some cash will make things better. Renovation for most people is not an easy thing as it can require huge sums and can hurt your bank account.

However, there are few simple renovations you can do to make big impact and freshen up the looks of your house. Following are the renovations that can make the change you wish to see. These simple renovations target places of your home like bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom and living area.

Renovate your Bathroom

Bathroom is the most popular place in homes and needs intense cleaning after few years. With the simple renovation, you can make big impact on your house’s appearance. From replacing the toilet seat to fixing bathtub and deep cleaning, bleaching are the tasks you can perform to have a fresh appearing bathroom.

To add more value to your place and if you can willingly spend a few bucks, you can replace your custom sink with a pedestal sink or add detail by painting an accent wall. It will give your bathroom a new look without spending a penny.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen is the place of your house that is linked to your health and it is important to keep it neat and clean. With time, cleaning doesn’t help keeping your kitchen tidy and requires serious upgrade. Kitchen upgrades are quite expensive these days because of the modern designs that are breath taking, but not affordable. Instead of waiting to have those expensive upgrades, you can try the inexpensive DIY projects to freshen up your kitchen appearance.

Updating cabinets and drawers, changing light fixtures and installing a new backsplash are few of the things you can do make huge impact. Start by deep cleaning your kitchen and fix all the stuff that needs repairing. Give your cabinets and shelves a facelift by painting or re-staining them. It will definitely freshen up the kitchen environment.

Paint your Walls

Renovation doesn’t mean that you have to replace every single thing of your home like furniture, crockery or appliances. Yes, people who have huge amounts in their banks can do that, but people with a handful amount need to focus on simple ideas for renovating their homes. One of the simplest and affordable renovations is painting your rooms. Painting is a pure game of skill and requires can of paint, brushes and roller to fulfill your needs. Use the vacations for such renovation as it will take time if you are painting several walls of your home. There is a variety of cool shades available these days and you should select a color that displays your modernity.

Replacing Wall Plates on Switches

With time the wall plates on electric switches get dingy as they are used repeatedly throughout the day. Some have cheap quality built and won’t even last for few days. When you are painting your walls, dirty wall plates won’t give a fresh look to your place. Instead of cleaning, you should consider replacing them. Wall sockets aren’t very expensive and if you are ready to spend some cash, it’s worth splurging your money. There is a variety of wall plates available, with amazing colors and designs.  You can also find options in plastic, metal, wood and other materials to match the room décor. It is very simple yet effective for improving your room’s appearance. Even small details can make a huge impact on the overall progress.

Decluttering and Rearranging Stuff

Decluttering stuff from your room is a great idea of simple renovation. Some things are literally of no use in our rooms, but we still keep holding it. It is time to find a good use of that thing or remove it from the house to make your space look organized. No one appreciates mess in the house as it makes you look much unorganized, which is not a good thing. Get rid of the unwanted items, shift them to the store or sell them and earn a few cash. With decluttering stuff, your space will look larger and perhaps more organized.

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