Thanks To Smart Phones, These Things Are Much Easier To Do Today!

Science and technology is the fastest growing industry. Today people can do things that seemed impossible decades back like walking on the moon or sending bots to mars. These expeditions are a great success, but not best for everyone’s personal interest. However, inventions such as smart phones have really impacted every person’s life. Owning a smart phone in this era is no big deal, but this amazing tech has literally made our life easier.

With so many facilities available in a smart phone, we can now do things today that weren’t possible back then. Here are some things that are much easier to do today all thanks to smart phones. Keep reading to see which tasks were harder to do back in the day.

Reaching People was Difficult Back Then

Smart phones are no less than a blessing to those living away from their home and family. It is a great medium to connect with your friends and families. Back then there were cell phones that were limited to providing call and message services, but with a smart phone you can get in touch with people living at far distances through Face Time, Skype and many other video chatting applications.

These apps have made our lives easier as you can see your parents or catch up with a friend, which wasn’t possible a decade back. Smart phones have bridged the communication gap between people with numerous connecting apps that are free to use and only require a suitable internet connection to run. Back in the days, people communicated through mails, which took time to reach the address, but with smart phones, you are just a click away to connect with your friends and family.

Navigation is Much Better

Finding a particular address or traveling to an unknown place without GPS wasn’t easy in the past. People depended on printed maps that can be searched on websites like, but it wasn’t an effective method to navigate as there weren’t any tracking options, but with smart phones, it is easy to navigate. Whether you are in your hometown or in some other state, accessing the maps provided by Google keeps your journey going while navigating correctly to your destination.

A single wrong turn could take you off road that was the case back then. Drivers used folding maps scaled to the most minimum when driving to a new place. Smart phones have better navigation options available. You can locate hotels, bars and other popular destinations with just one click.

Ordering Food is Easier

Back in the day, ordering food wasn’t a very popular concept like it is today. how convenient it is to order a midnight deal by just clicking on your smart phone screen, but previously orders were taken over phone with limited time duration, which means there was no concept of late night ordering. Today, thanks to smart phones, it is much easier to order food online.

If you want a pizza delivered, you don’t have to make a call on the phone as now you can see the entire menu on your phone through apps or websites. Plus you can even make advance payment with pay via card options available. Moreover, with recently developed applications, you can even get the best deals and food of various restaurants and cuisines under one roof.

Equipped with Calculator and Calendar

Sometimes even basic math is unsolvable under certain circumstances and at that moment it won’t be wise to get a sheet of paper and pen to do the calculations. Making our life easier, smart phones are equipped with features like calculator and calendar that are really helpful in daily life. When going for grocery shopping, you can easily calculate your bill before going to the cash counter and keep a track of your spending.

With the calendar, you can mark important dates on your smart phone and get notified when the time comes. There were calculators and calendars back then, but nobody carried them along, but today we all are. These are some things that can be easily done today all because of smart phones. If this amazing tech is used effectively, it can be more helpful than devastating.

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