Smart Gadgets That You Would Love To Your Home of the Future

Technology has made our life easy, there are new gadgets introduced to the public on daily basis. Tasks that were difficult to perform can be done easily thanks to the scientists. However, easy tasks such as cleaning the house, cooking and washing clothes are time consuming. Inventors today are working on gadgets that can ease your daily tasks and save your time too.

Here are some gadgets that you would like to have in your home soon.

Miele`s New Dialog Oven

Miele`s new Dialog Oven is different from the ovens we have in our homes. Mostly the cooking ranges use gas or electricity to cook food, this oven has some new and interesting features that made it at the first place in the list. First of all, this dialog oven cooks food with radio waves, don’t assume it as an ordinary microwave as it has a listening feature which allows it to listen your command and adjusts the amplitude, modulation and phase of the waves accordingly. You don’t have to worry about the food as it will be delicious and evenly heated, thanks to the technology used in the production of this amazing oven. It will be launched soon, and would be expensive.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the house is very tiring and time consuming, but if you have the new Robot Vacuum Cleaner you can clean your house in no time without making an effort. Robot vacuum cleaner comes with an app that maps your home and then lets you program where it should and shouldn’t clean. It is very interesting, just select the area and get it cleaned in no time.

A Microwave that’s Also a Refrigerator

The next amazing future gadget is a multifunctional microwave. It is introduced by Frigondas, a Spanish-Korean company and acts as a microwave and a refrigerator. It can rapidly freeze fresh foods to preserve their texture and chill drinks in minute. You don’t have to wait very long as it will be launched worldwide soon.

Extra Fast Washing Machine

Laundry is the worst and most time consuming daily life task. Nobody wants to wait for the laundry to finish. Samsung has sorted out a solution to this problem. The new Quick Drive washer introduced by Samsung promises to wash loads in just 39 minutes and it consumes less energy and water as compared to other washing machines. It does so with an additional rotating ` wash plate` at the back of its drum which agitates clothes more thoroughly in less time. It will be available in United States and you can get your hands on this amazing gadget.

Lawn Mowing Robots

Lawn mowing robots have been introduced to make your garden look neat. Now you don’t have to sit under the sun and trim the grasses. Let this work be done by the robots. Robots have taken their places everywhere; they are both inside and outside our homes. They will definitely save your time and trim the lawn better than any other machine can do.   

World`s Smallest Espresso Machine

Making espresso at home using Espresso pods is easy, but the machines are always pretty bulky. However the new Essenza Mini espresso machine changes that concept. It`s around 4.3 inches wide, 8 inches deep and 12.8 inches tall so it covers less space than other espresso machines. Moreover, the new third party pods are recyclable and biodegradable.

A Vacuum for Windows

Reaching for windows at height is difficult; sometimes you need to keep a ladder to clean them. However things have changed, now you can clean your windows while standing on the ground. Windows vacuum cleaner is an amazing gadget that everyone must own in near future. It can reach heights and you dont need to work hard on cleaning, just keep the vacuum moving and it will clean all the dirt in no time. It has already been introduced in most parts of the world and will be heading towards U.S. soon.

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