Signs To Watch For: You Might Be Headed For A Heart Attack

Every year people die terrible deaths of various diseases like cancer, dementia and heart attacks. These dangerous diseases don’t just have impact on you but people close to you suffer same. Most diseases are a sort of reaction of habits that people practice during their life like if you are suffering from mouth cancer than your smoking habit is to be blamed; similarly cardiovascular problems arise because of your eating habits.  

While these dangerous diseases are trying to take over you, your body tries to retain it and with that retaining you expect certain changes which can be considered as signs of you getting ill. Cancer and dementia have visible symptoms but symptoms for heart attacks are difficult to recognize. As heart is an important organ, you should watch for some of these signs, which can tell that you might be headed for a heart attack.

Getting Angry on Little Things

The first sign you should always watch for is the anger. Although anger is an emotion and is there in every human and that’s what people miss out. Being angry is natural and when you are in situation that everything happening around you disturbs you mentally this emotion automatically starts playing its role.  But do you know that being angry all the time and on little things can increase the risk of heart attack? According to a study, researchers questioned few patients who had suffered suspected heart attacks about their anger levels before the onset of symptoms. They found that most patients had a heart attack in two hours following an intense outburst of anger. You should watch out for your anger as it can be a cause of a heart attack.

Spending too much Time in front of a Screen

Want to reduce risk of a heart attack? You have to quit doing what people do the most today. Phones, laptops and televisions are the most entertaining objects today and a wide ratio of population is seen spending too much time on their phones, laptops or television. A study reports that people who watch television or work on a computer for four or more hours a day have increased chances of a cardiovascular event like heart attack by 125 %. Sitting for very long in front of screens deplete the body’s supply of lipoprotein lipase, which is an enzyme that breaks down fat from your body and prevents clogging of arteries.  If that’s the case with you, avoid spending much time sitting behind a desk and take a walk after every 20 minutes to burn some calories and avoiding a chance of a heart attack.

Getting Less than Six Hours of Sleep Every Night

Sleeping disorder has a lot to do with your overall health. If you are sleeping for less than six hours every night, consider it as an alarming sign. It is recommended by experts that seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary for adults. Missing out the mark for few days might not be terrifying, but consistent lack of sleep can increase the risk of a heart attack. According to a study it has been proven that people who get less than six hours of sleep are five times more likely to have a heart attack than people who sleep seven to eight hours a night. The scenario is same for both men and women and if you are facing such issues, consulting an expert is the best option. Watch for these signs because you might be heading for a heart attack.

Smoggy Areas Increase the Chances of Heart Attacks   

If you are living in a densely populated area where traffic flow is higher, you should expect respiratory issues. In such areas researchers have found smog that is small combustion particles emerging from fuel burning emitted from vehicles. Smog is just as bad for heart as it is for your lungs. The research conducted by experts concluded that smog affected patients in the area who had heart attacks.  They found that exposure to high concentration of air pollution increased the likelihood of a heart attack by 48%. Living in a place with heavy air pollution is not good for health and you should consider switching somewhere else to prevent heart attacks.

These are some signs people should watch for to save themselves from heart attacks. If you want to live longer than follow the signs and lead a healthy life.                   

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