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Here Are Some Places People Skip While Cleaning Their Home

House cleaning is an important task that people should often do. Some people have a habit of cleaning homes on every weekend while others wait for long vacations to get things done. Whether you are an occasional cleaner or love to do it on weekly basis, there are some places that people skip while cleaning.

When discussed with the experts, we got to know shocking things that how we skip some places while cleaning and how they infect us with diseases without us realizing. We have summed up the places people skip while cleaning for you. Check them out to hit those spots next time you clean your house.

Underneath the Sinks of Bathroom and Kitchen

The first spot that people skip cleaning is the space under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The places are stocked with stuff like chemicals and detergents and it is essential for reaching the spot once or twice every day, but we usually require the stuff in the front. That particular place should not be skipped while cleaning your house and should be the first priority the next time you plan on cleaning. In case if you have leaking problems, you won’t be able to figure out until that place is clean to a have a clear view.   

The bottom of the Toothbrush holder

By skipping the spot you are actually compromising with your own health. How can you be healthy when the first thing you are doing in morning is risking your oral health? Toothbrush holders can be home to bacteria if not cleaned properly. Most people clean it from the outside while the danger is at the inner bottom of the holder. Residue runs down from the toothbrush at the bottom of the holder creating a dark and moist place for bacteria. These conditions favor rapid growth of bacteria until you plan on cleaning the holder. if you haven’t cleaned the holder for a very long time, you should notice that the tail of your brush turns black and green. It is an alarming situation and you should toss both holder and brush off.

Cleaning the Mattress

One of the reasons why people don’t get to sleep at night is irritation caused by the bed. The instant solutions that most people follow are switching sides of the mattress, and avoid the real problem which is dust and bed bugs. Thinking that the mattress is dust proof is no intelligence. Instead of switching sides you should give it a good vacuum with an upholstery attachment and give it a good whack whilst it is propped upwards against the wall. Use baking soda to varnish off odor from the mattress. Clean the inner part of your bed and floor as dust will be all over the place.

Fancy door Knobs and handles

If your doors have fancy knobs and handles, you should do more focused cleaning as there might be bacteria stuck on the handles. While cleaning doors people just wipe the door knob once with the cloth, but with fancy door knobs, there are some hard to reach spaces and imagine every day the handle is touched with dirty hands. This is one of the reasons why people get ill even after having a strict cleaning schedule. Clean the door knob with an all purpose cleaner with a soft cloth that is able to target hard to reach spaces of the door knob or use your old toothbrush to reach spaces and fight bacteria hiding there.

Inner parts of Table and Chair

The easiest spot people skip while cleaning are the inner area of table and chairs. It’s the spot where the whole family is together at least once or twice a day. The inner part of your table and chair is home to germs and bacteria that infect you and your family on daily basis. when you sit down on chairs, to reduce the gap between table and chair either people pull the chair while holding it from inner base or they drag the chair while holding on to the table. This contact transfers bacteria to the furniture and people skip that while cleaning.

These are some spots that people skip while cleaning their home. You should consider the areas the next time you plan cleaning.    

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