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Here Are Some Easy Tips To Clean The Dirtiest Things In Your House

While cleaning your house, you must have noticed that there are few things in your house that have dirt accumulated on them, but are very difficult to get rid of. You might have tried various cleaners to wash them off, but they are so hard that even after scrubbing for hours they don’t vanish completely. Giving up on those harsh stains is not a great catch; instead you should follow some of the amazing and easy tips that we are providing you to clean the dirtiest things in your house.

Your Stove Top

The very first item that you face difficulty in cleaning is your stove stop. Stoves have the longest runtime in every house as people are cooking something or the other on the stove. As the item is connected to food, it is your first priority to keep it clean. An unclean stove questions your hygiene and you wouldn’t want your guests to leave without eating because you might seem unhygienic to them. To clean your dirty stove we have just the right tip from a pro housekeeper.

 If you own a glass stove top, clean it by mixing one part of vinegar to two parts of water and spray it on the dirt. Let it sit on the stove for ten minutes then complete the cleaning by wiping it with a cloth. For those of you who have non-glass stovetops, expert suggests using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to remove dirt from the stove. First sprinkle baking soda all over the stove followed by hydrogen peroxide. Once the gunk starts fizzling you can rinse and dry your stove. It will be cleaner than expected.   

Inner side of your Oven

Today people bake food rather than cooking and that’s the reason why your oven needs to be clean every time you plan to bake a meal. Many times while baking, food spill over the container and bake onto the floor, which causes smoke. According to cleaning experts, once you are done with the baking make sure to clean the spillage as repeated use of oven will keep baking the burned food which is not good.

 Yes, most people have difficulties getting rid of the burned residue, but here is the easy tip to clean your oven. Make a paste by mixing two to three tablespoons of water with baking soda. Remove the racks from the oven and apply the paste all over. Let it sit for few hours or overnight then wipe it down. The cleaning is complete after spraying vinegar in the oven. It is an easy tip and very effective.  

Limescale in the Toilet is a Hard to Remove Dirt

Toilets are the items in the house that require extra attention and we don’t need to tell you the reason. Problem with the toilet is not just the obvious one, but other than that limescale build up is what needs more attention to be removed. Limescale is usually trapped dirt at the bottom of the toilet and to clean that part, all you need to do is a specialized toilet product. Experts recommend applying the product after every few days and before washing away let it sit there for at least half an hour. The result will be prominent after few days of work as toilet has to be used regularly.

Your Ducts and AC Units

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to clean in the house is air ducts and ac units. You need to hire professionals once every year for cleaning them, but if you feel like they need a little cleaning you can solve the problem by changing the air filters and cleaning the clogged drain line. While changing your filter, pour diluted bleach down the drain line to remove dirt clogged in it. Make sure that the air flow is smooth to maintain the air quality of your home.

Cleaner Windows will serve their Sole purpose better

To have a clear view of the outside world through your windows, you need to clean them with microfiber cloth dipped into a mixture consisting of one part water and the other part white vinegar. Spray the solution on your windows then wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth without leaving any dirt trails. The microfiber cloth will clean the windows properly without leaving any residue.

These are some easy tips to clean dirtiest things in your house. Follow them to have a cleaner and hygienic home.   

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