Here Are Some Diabetes Symptoms That You Should Not Miss Out

Every other person is suffering from diabetes today. The disease is life-long and once you get infected, you have to be extra careful with your diet. Just like other diseases, diabetes also has some symptoms that people ignore and get tested once it has taken over. Most people are unaware of the disease when it is in an early or middle phase, which is not a good thing. The more serious diabetes gets the risk of other diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, amputation, blindness and other complications increases. To avoid or to control diabetes from the beginning you should know of the symptoms that we are providing you today.

Thirst is more than Usual

The very first symptom of diabetes that should not be ignored is that you feel thirstier than usual. According to medical experts, diabetes patients use sugary drinks like juices, soda or milk shakes to quench their thirst, which increases the sugar level in the blood stream. When you are affected by diabetes, you have to be careful with your sugar intake. Excess consumption of sugary drinks will promote to the disease causing you serious trouble. If you feel thirstier than usual, it can be a symptom of diabetes and rather than ignoring it, you should visit a doctor.

More Bathroom Visits

According to medical experts, when you are diabetic, your body becomes less effective against breaking down food into sugar. This increases sugar level in your blood stream, which your body flushes out through urine. If you ever feel that your bathroom visits have increased ever than before, this could be a symptom of diabetes. Most people aren’t aware of how often they use bathroom. To have a clearer idea, you can pay attention to your visits at night. Once or twice is normal, but if the number increases, it is a clear symptom of diabetes and visiting a doctor should be your first priority.   

Sudden Weight Loss

Sudden weight change is also a symptom of diabetes. Experts say that weight loss comes with two things happening in your body. One is because of water loss from the body through urinating and the other because of the loss of calories in the urine, which are not absorbed from the sugar in your blood. Shedding pound can be a symptom and if you are able to put a hold to diabetes, you may even experience weight gain, which is a positive sign and it means that your blood sugar levels are balanced.

Feeling Tired all the Time

Yes, there can be many reasons for feeling tired like sleeping late or too much work, but these situations don’t occur daily. If you feel tired all the time, it can be a symptom of diabetes and you should pay attention to it rather than ignoring. It can happen because of the food you are eating is not being broken down and used properly and the energy required to run your system is not enough to function properly.  The symptom is a little slower yet can’t be ignored.

Blurred Vision

Many people might think that the blurred vision is due to their long usage of computer, but it can’t be true with everyone. According to experts, when you are at early stages of diabetes, glucose builds up in the eye that does not allow lens to focus and changes its shape temporarily. This won’t make you blind because there is a change happening within you and after six to eight weeks you won’t be able to feel it anymore as your blood sugar will stabilize and your eye will adjust to the current situation. When your vision gets blurry for whatever reason, consulting a doctor should be your first priority.

These are some of the symptoms of diabetes that you should not miss out because the sooner you find out about diabetes the better it will be for you. If you will ignore these signs, there can be far worse complications and we are sure that you wouldn’t like to reach that position.

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