Here Are Some Cheapest Yet Fun Places To Travel This Summer

There are 195 countries in the world with different economies and policies. Some are completely developed while many are still developing, which is easy to reflect after knowing about the economy of a country. Before booking a gateway for a particular country, it is suggested by experts to do a little homework about the economy of the country you are willing to spend your vacations.

Some countries have very expensive standards of living while many have affordable living standards. To have a budget friendly vacation this summer, here is a list of getaways you can choose as they are cheap yet fun places to be this summer.

Jamaica –The Legendary Beach Destination

The first place you should be searching for summer vacation is Jamaica. This incredible place is a perfect getaway for summers because of the landscape and exotic beaches. Jamaica is the legendary beach destination, but that’s not all it has to offer. Being in Kingston, the culturally rich capital of the Caribbean and the heartbeat of Jamaica is worth exploring this summer.

Jamaica has some amazing musical offering as well with the Bob Marley Museum that one can visit. You’ll love to spend your time in a luxurious yet affordable resort and amazing food. It is a blend of modern structure backed by nature and you’ll have fun exploring the place.

Tallinn, Estonia – Cheapest Place to Visit in Northern Europe

Tallinn is a city in Estonia located in northern part of Europe. It is closest to countries Russia, Latvia and Finland, yet the cheapest place to visit in northern Europe. The city is popular for the history and culture, which is preserved by the organizations in the current century. Other than the 15th century culture, the place has cheapest accommodations that run for a fraction of the price compared to most of the Europe.

Public transportation is easy to navigate and cost efficient. While being in Tallinn, you should make sure to pay a visit to the protected medieval old town, which is a walled area with restaurants and shops. This particular restaurant known as ‘Olde Hansa’ is a must to go restaurant as they provide night performances and the meals are prepared using 15th century recipes. Moreover, the place also has museums that you could add to your list.

Barga, Italy – The Old World Italy

Barga – the old medieval town is the artistic place situated in the province of Lucca, Tuscany. Surrounded by the mountainous Serchio valley, this breath taking place is a must visit on your next trip to Italy. With a population estimated to 10,000 only, this medieval town takes you back to the old world Italy. The ancient and elegant houses are an awesome view while taking a tour of the town from the narrow passages.

The town of Barga holds the traditional Italian personality and exudes warmth and charm. With the affordable accommodation, food and transportation, you will love to embrace the older Italy as the town hasn’t forgotten its medieval roots, which is eminent in every avenue and pathways. Visit Barga this summer to experience traditional Italy.

Lisbon, Portugal – The Affordable European City

Lisbon is the most affordable city in Europe, which people are unaware of. Most travelers who are traveling from United States believe that every European city is very expensive. Yes, they are true that Europe is expensive, but not every city has high price tags. Lisbon is a place where people can enjoy delicious cuisine, visit incredible architecture and drink wine without paying huge amount of money.

The city has cheaper mode of transportation and affordable accommodations, which makes it a worthy place to be. The city offers a lot of amazing sites including museums, aquariums, you can visit a real castle and etc. it is a great place to visit with families and have fun without breaking your bank.

Turkey – Home to Oldest Civilization

Turkey is the chain that connects Asia and Europe and literally has something for everyone. It is home to both eastern and western culture – a perfect blend, which is astonishing to see. Recently Turkey became the hottest spot for travelers as people from all over the world came to see the oldest civilization in the world.

There is so much history art and culture to soak in. the country is home to some amazing sites and infrastructure like the Blue Mosque. Turkey is an affordable place, from accommodation to transportation and food; you won’t find it difficult to survive.  

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