Have Fitness Goals? Avoid Putting These Things In Your Salads To Promote Weight Loss

Are you one of those people who are working on their fitness? It is easy to drop few drops, but it stops progressing after a certain time. To benefit most out of your routine, it is essential to exercise and focus on your food simultaneously. However, you have to be more curious on your diet as it is the key to the lock. Many dietitians recommend weight losers to focus more on salads and some even guide with a diet plan.

Salads are great as they are packed with greens and fiber that keep you full longer and provide nutrients essential for your body. Even after replacing your usual meal with salads, many losers stop noticing changes to their body and the reason is again the food that you are eating. You might be using healthy ingredients to make your salad, but people make mistakes while choosing the toppings.

There are certain ingredients that are healthier than others, so you have to make sure you are garnishing the right toppings to benefit most. Below are few things that we have discussed with experts you should avoid putting in your salads including bacon, heavy cream and etc. and avail the most with healthier replacements. Read ahead, to find out more about the foods that you shouldn’t add in your salads when you are trying to burn fat from your body.

Pasta is not a healthy grain

We have seen a lot of recipes over the internet that said to be healthy and include pasta. Yes, it can be healthy depending on the quantity used. If you are adding leafy greens and fiber with pasta, it is a great trick to reduce the effects of pasta. But if the recipe is reverse of it and you are adding pasta to your salad can weigh down your healthy salad as it is covering valuable space that can be used by better foods or ingredients.

Skip the pasta and look for better replacement, one that can be more beneficial for your weight loss goals. Mostly pastas are made of white flour that will spike your blood sugar level. Go for healthier grains and get some plant protein or include wild rice, faro, barley and sorghum, which are great whole grains.  

Deli Meat have high sodium content

Deli meats have high sodium and nitrate content, which makes them not so great option for nutrition goals. If you are willing to garnish your salad with protein, turkey breast or chicken are better options over deli meats. As sodium is dehydrating and is present in greater content in deli meats, it’ll make you over eat and cause bloating. 

It’s the numbers that are important and you should add food to your salads that have lesser calories and sodium over foods having greater content. If you badly want to top your salad with protein, egg is the best option. They are the only food source of vitamin D present in the yolk with whites full of protein. Use egg in your salad for protein and achieve your fitness goals without much hassle.

Fried Foods are very unhealthy

When talking about fried foods, we are not referring to French fries, but to veggie based fried foods. Fried kale or fried onions are the veggies that are delicious and addictive without any doubt and it is hard to keep them in portion. If it’s the crunch you crave as topping on your salad, instead of topping it with fried bacon or fried onions, get the crunch from nuts like roasted and salted pistachios, which are healthier than other foods.

Pistachios are rich in fiber and plant protein plus provide a lovely pop of color to your salads. They help fighting free radicals as they are antioxidants and adding them to your salad rather than fried food for crunchy effect, will give you an extra nutrition boost.

Creamy Dressings can contain added sugar

If you have decided not to top your salad with bacon or fried onions, that does not give you the leverage to use creamy dressings on your salads. Whether it’s a Caesar or ranch dressing, you should avoid topping your salad with both and even the other creamy dressings available at super markets. These creamy dressings can contain preservatives, fat and added sugar in excess amount. Instead a lovely and flavorful dressing made of herbs, olive oil and mustard will be better.

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