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Winter is my favorite season as it marks the beginning of the festivals. There are so many fun activities to do as the valleys are capped with snow. I remember making a snowman with my siblings in our yard and going out snowboarding with the family as it has been a tradition for very long. I am always excited when the season begins because it recalls all the memories I had growing up. However, this year I am excited more than ever. It is because I am going to be a guide to first-time skiers.

Skiing is a sport I have been passionate about. Although many people see it as a winter activity, it is a real sport, and you need to have basic knowledge about it, even if you are doing it just for fun. So, I have summed up a list of items that you should grab before getting on board. These items are essential and would help you as you pave your way on the snow.

Ski Boots

Skiing is not possible without boots. They have a key role in the sport as they serve as a connection between the knees and the board. Boots are made in such a way that the energy is transferred from the knees to the skis, which creates stability and balance. If the connection between the two is weak, you would possibly skid on your first try. You have to pick the best option available and focus on the size as it helps with the balance.

Snow helmets

Skiing is fun but can be risky at times. To avoid injuries from sudden incidents, it is recommended that you get a snow helmet. As the brain is your most important asset, it is vital to protect it. It is a safety precaution one must take whether you are a newbie or a pro. However, you have to be very particular about the helmet as many companies compromise with the quality when it comes to business. We recommend you get one from Blenders Eyewear. It is a reliable company and has been in business for a very long time. They are popular for providing top of the line products and that too at a comparatively better cost. You should check out their collection before purchasing a helmet.

Gloves and Socks

When you are on higher ground, the atmosphere at that particular point is different. The winds blow faster, while the temperature drops to further negative degrees. In such situations, you need to have more comfort, warmth and protection. So, it is mandatory to get ski gloves and socks. There are specifics for the sport. Ski socks and gloves are unlike ordinary socks and gloves.  They have unique designs and elements that make you more comfortable and adaptive to the slopes and atmosphere. Protection against cold is a must for skiing, and you should avoid going in your ordinaries.

Jackets and Pants

Just like every other sport, skiing has its attire. You need to have a pair of ski jackets and pants because they have a role to play. They are produced from a functional fabric, which keeps you warm and dry. There are a lot of options available. Choose what fits best with you.


Most of the timers suffer injuries while learning the sport. Yes! the injuries are not critical, thanks to the safety gear used for protection. Goggles are an essential part of that safety gear. As eyes are an important organ, wearing ski goggles helps in keeping them safe from injuries. If you are thinking about wearing your sunglasses while practicing, then you are mistaken. Ski goggles are made to provide ultimate protection to your eyes from the harsh environment on higher grounds. Harsh winds and bright sunlight can damage your eyes, so special goggles are made that seal your eyes and prevent the cold winds from penetrating. Moreover, for better protection, there are ski goggles with UV protection available at Blenders Eyewear. Their goggles collection is amazing with some great features. Visit their website and explore their collection for a better idea. You need to be cautious about your safety while doing the sport. Though it is a fun activity, but can be risky.

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