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Drinking Coffee Can Lead To Better Health And Longer Life!

Waking up late nights due to immense work pressure is common these days. While you are awake, you do expect midnight cravings. Most people love to have coffee to charge them and to focus on their work, which is highly important. Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world. There are good reasons like it keeps you awake, help you stay on task and provides extra energy boost. People all over the world get their caffeine fixed by coffee.

However, there is a debate on the health issues that caffeine can have, too much consumption of coffee can be alarming as it can cause insomnia, restlessness and increase your heart beat rate. But there are some reaches conducted by experts that completely deny the statements that urge that coffee is bad and has pretty impressive health benefits.

The debate is never ending; it depends on people as cases are not same every time. In most cases it can’t be said that coffee actually causes health benefits, the usual mechanism is unclear. But research does suggest that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from certain illness. There are a lot of foods that should be consumed in limits but coffee habit can lead you to better health and longer life, here is how it happens.

Helps Improve Liver Health

If you are one of the alcohol addicts, coffee can help you live a better life. Too much consumption of alcohol actually damages your organs like kidney and liver. If you want to live longer and better, than coffee is one of those drinks that can help you do that. A review that combined the results of nine studies found that drinking more coffee is associated with lower risk of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is one of the liver diseases that happen because of consumption of alcohol. Studies have found that drinking one cup of coffee per day reduces the risk of cirrhosis by 22% and with increase in the consumption of coffee, risk of having cirrhosis reduces. Drinking coffee prevents liver disease and keeps it healthy.

Keeps your Heart Healthy

Heart is an important organ and it is must for you to keep it healthy if you want to live longer. According to studies, death ratio due to heart diseases has increased with time which is very surprising. There are many ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases and coffee is one of those. Studies have found that people who drank three or four cups of coffee per day were 20% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Coffee helps you keep away from cardiovascular diseases which further add on numbers to your life.    

Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is very common these days. People suffering from this sickness actually consider their life as hell. Once diagnosed with diabetes can disturb your whole life. Food restrictions are implemented so that sugar levels are not disturbed. High sugar level is dangerous and so is low level of sugar. However, diabetes can be prevented if you try to make an effort. Coffee is one of those drinks that are beneficial for you as it helps reducing the risk of type 2diabetes. It has been proven through one large review of many studies that every additional cup of coffee a person drinks per day is correlated with a 7% reduced risk for developing type 2diabetes.

Coffee Prevents Cancer

Cancer is now a very popular disease and every second person is affected by it. With time passing new variants of cancer have been heard of which makes the situation more alarming. Now every organ of your body can get affected by the disease and as you know that prevention is better than cure, you should try your best to prevent this disease from affecting you. There are many ways to prevent cancer and drinking coffee is one them. Everybody wants to live longer and live a healthy life but it’s not possible if you don’t give up on habits that are causing this sickness. Studies have found that heavy coffee drinkers can reduce the chances of cancer by 18%, while another review found that at least one cup of coffee per day reduce the chances of liver cancer by 15% and endometrial cancer by 8%.

Coffee has been consumed by people since ages and these are some positive effects that can help you live longer and live a better life.      

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