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Dietitian Recommended Foods That Can Help With Weight Loss

People prefer taking advice from their elders before making big decisions in life because they consider them experts as they have experienced a lot of things in past which are no less than a lesson for this generation. Similarly, for your guidance there are experts available who are eager to help people in trouble. Police force is here to help against terror, doctors are here to help you get relief from pain and guide you with some important diseases and their precautions.

As you know how much health conscious world has become. People have workout in their priority list which they cannot afford to skip. Everyone has set their goals, some need pumped up muscles while others are struggling to lose extra fat in their body. Weight loss is not an easy task; you have to make a lot of sacrifices and effort to reach your goal. Exercise is not the only thing that helps in losing weight; diet plays an important role too.

No matter how intense your exercises are, not controlling your diet will lead you to nowhere. A big chunk of weight loss has to do with your diet, so it makes sense to get advice from an expert on healthy eating. Here are some foods recommended by dietitian to people who are trying to slim down.


If you are one of those who love to eat pasta, Zucchini is the best replacement for the high calorie food. While trying to lose some fat from your body, pasta addicts should avoid eating them as pasta is considered as a high calorie food. Dietitians recommend people to use zucchini which are the perfect noodle replacement to keep carbs and calories low. The veggie is a low carb and less calorie diet and you are recommended to spiralize and sauté zoodles in garlic and a little olive oil for best flavor. Eat low calorie food to live a healthy life.

Avocados and Olive Oil

While you are trying to lose weight, you should know the difference between good and bad fats. Yes, there are both types of fats good and bad. Bad fats aren’t beneficial and cause diseases like calories and heart attacks but good fats are necessary for body. Healthy fats are essential for weight loss as they take more time to digest as compared to carbohydrates and so you can feel full for a longer period. Dietitians recommend adding avocados and olive oil in your life. You are not being asked to consume them daily. Avocados are rich in fiber which also helps with satiety. You can use it with your normal diet like adding avocados in your smoothie, spread on toast or as a butter replacement.

Sweet Potatoes

When you are on a strict diet, it gets very difficult to avail essential nutrients required by the body. Dietitians suggest an amazing meal that is low carb and low calorie but nourishes your body with some essential nutrients.  Sweet potatoes are recommended by dietitians as they are rich in fiber, vitamin A and complex carbohydrates that help balancing blood sugar levels. Enjoy your baked sweet potatoes in breakfast topped with almond, butter and bananas. This nourishing meal will boost your day and will help you get necessary nutrients.


Eggs are recommended by dietitians and doctors as they are high in protein. Having an egg everyday keeps blood sugar level steady and keeps a check on your hunger. You can have hard boiled eggs or bake them in muffin tray to save your week’s time. Eggs should be consumed daily as they provide with immense energy and keep your tummy full which is actually good when you are reducing your weight.


Oats are nutritious food that one must have when you are trying to lose weight. Oats contain high amount of vitamin B and are rich in complex carbs, plus are a great source of fiber. Dietitians recommend to have oats because of these nutrients and if you are unaware of the fact that fiber is helpful against weight loss than you are making a mistake by not having oats in your meal.

Nuts and Seeds  

If you have a habit of eating snacks that are high in calories, you must try to replace them with nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds like almond, walnuts, cashews and sunflower seeds are great snack replacements. Most of them are high in good fats, protein and fiber and can help you in your mission of losing weight. Rather eating snacks that are actually the cause of obesity, you should use these natural products as snacks. Just remember to keep your portions in check.

Some foods aren’t as bad for your health as you might have expected. Going for processed foods is not a good option. You should always check the ingredients list or product composition before buying it.

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