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Want Your Small Bathroom To Look Bigger? With These Space-Saving Furniture Pieces You Can Have One!

The biggest problem faced by small space owners is keeping their homes organized. If you are a shopaholic, we are sure you would be facing such situation more than anyone because of endless clutter you must have invested on. It’s not just your bedroom that’s affected by this habit, but almost all the areas including kitchen and bathroom are short of space.

When you are left with limited space in your bathroom, you would have wished for a bigger space? That’s the case for many, but today we are going to tell you how to have a bigger looking bathroom by investing on some space-saving furniture pieces that won’t just help you organize your belongings, but will increase the room for you. Find out more about our finds listed below and grab the ones that you feel are best for you.

Square Tube 3-Tier Decorative Storage Cabinet

When you own a small space, you have to utilize every area available to store your stuff. But, in such cases people usually face organization problems. To save you from disorganization, the first piece on our list is the Square Tube 3-Tier Decorative Storage Cabinet. This adorable space-saving furniture won’t cover too much space in your bathroom and will hold your bathroom basics with an easy reach. Costing around $35, this storage cabinet is easily accessible online.

It is crafted with a sturdy metal frame which is very durable and can hold your everyday essentials easily. With this amazing furniture piece, you can enhance your bathroom décor in sleek style. This decorative storage piece features three spacious slatted shelves for storing supplies, towels and even potted plants with other essentials. Make your bathroom clutter free with this spacious cabinet while enhancing the looks.

Over the Toilet Space Saver with Tiered Ladder Shelves

 Next up is one of the trending furniture pieces that will help you organize your bathroom clutter while covering the least space. We wonder why nobody came with the idea of using the empty space over the toilet seat to organize bathrooms. This is the reason why Over the Toilet Space Saver with Tiered Ladder Shelves is one of the best space-saving furniture pieces we have on our list.

The tiered shelf features three open shelves and fits easily over most standard toilets. It is made of painted MDF and lets you display your favorite décor pieces on the top shelf while storing extra toiletries and towels on the lower portions. This trending design is worth spending your money and you can grab it online easily as it is available at the price of $72.

Boulevard Café Decorative Storage Cabinet

The Boulevard Café Decorative Storage Cabinet will give you more than just storing options. It is the best furniture piece for those who are looking to create versatile storage options while adding simplistic style and beauty to their bathroom. This spacious product provides you with the perfect amount of room to store and display your everyday essentials, decorative plants and picture frames. Moreover, there is a built in USB port for you to charge your phones or tablets.

It’s a perfect furniture piece for small bathrooms as it provides enough storage space while covering ground to the least. The interior is further divided for you to have your things organized accordingly with key lock for safe and secure storage. The product is constructed with powder coated metal for added durability that is built to last. Costing around $190, you can get your hands on this incredible space-saving furniture from various online stores.

Madison Linen Tower

Do you have a huge cosmetic collection? And you find it really hard to store them because of limited storage availability? Well, worry no more as we have just the furniture piece you are looking for. The Madison Linen Tower is surely one of the best space-saving furniture, suitable to be placed in small sized bathrooms.

The tower has an elegant crown molded top with five fixed shelves that offer storage with style for your bathroom. The piece has an open design, offering easy access to stored items. The cabinet is made of MDF and is covered in white paint, keeping it simple yet elegant. Shop it online as it is easily accessible at the price of $160. 

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