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Amazing Kitchen Tips And Tricks That Will Help You While Cooking

Everyone is searching for some cool tips and tricks to live life with ease. When going through internet, you will find a lot of blogs and articles in the tips and tricks section, where people have shared how to do daily stuff easily and without spending huge sums. From using old household products to make a beautiful décor to cleaning tips, there is a lot of content available. However, what you will find very rare on the internet are tips and tricks that can help you in kitchen. If you are one of those who have trouble in the kitchen, here are some amazing trips and tricks that will help you in the kitchen while cooking.

Using pizza slicer to cut herbs

Vegetable knife is sharp enough to cut herbs, but you do face difficulties at times. The very first kitchen tip is that use a pizza slicer to cut herbs. It will help you in cutting efficiently as the pizza wheel is a great slicer. Herbs like parsley and cilantro can be chopped with the help of pizza slicer quickly and safely.  Moreover a lot of foods can like pancakes and cakes can also be chopped with a pizza slicer. When cutting with a pizza slicer, you don’t need to apply too much force to cut food as it is circular in shape and rotates, which makes it to cut efficiently.

Use baking sheets on counters

 From cooking to keeping the kitchen clean, all requires a lot of effort. During events organized at home, kitchen is the messiest place in the house. Well, to save cleaning time and keeping the kitchen clean while cooking, placing balking sheets on the counter will help you a lot. Place the sheets on the counter, before prepping all the ingredients. It will help you catch spills and avoid wasting time looking for products needed to cook. Once you are done with the cooking, the baking sheets can be thrown and your kitchen will have no residues on the floor or counter tops to be cleaned.

Separate egg whites from yolks with an empty bottle

Egg is a basic requirement for many dishes, especially baking. However, there are times when only egg white or yolk is listed in the ingredients list. Separating them both is a task for pros, but it’s no more a rocket science to do that. With a simple trick, anyone can separate egg yolk from white.  All you need is an empty bottle to perform this task. Crack an egg in a bowl, place the mouth of the squeezed bottle near the yolk and release the squeeze. Once you release the squeeze, the yolk will be sucked out, which can be deposited into another bowl.

Salt helps while boiling eggs

When removing shells of hard boiled eggs takes too much time. The shell breaks into millions of tiny pieces, which is very irritating. To remove shells in big chunk, add a teaspoon of salt in the boiling water before putting in the eggs. Salt will help you remove big chunks of egg shell that will save your time peeling of eggs. It’s a very useful hack as egg is consumed daily and most people are unaware of the amazing tip.

Cleaning your blender

People use sponge to clean blenders or mixers, but the sponge does not clean the blender completely as it cannot reach to the very bottom of the mixture. The residues are still there and will mix with the mixture, next time you will use to blend. To clean the blender properly, there is a simple tip. Pour in warm water in the blender followed by liquid dish washer. Run it for ten seconds, then rinse and dry. Your blender will be cleaner than before.

Lemon juice and microwave

To increase juice production in a lemon, put it in a microwave for ten seconds. This procedure will break down cells and make the juice flow faster. Next time you need more lemon juice, try this amazing trick to increase the juice flow.

These are some amazing kitchen tips and tricks you need to know while cooking so that you can benefit from them and save your time in the kitchen.

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